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Should You Rent A Carpet Cleaner Machine Or Hire A Pro?

There are pros and cons when it comes to doing it yourself, it may be possible that you can clean the carpet reasonably well with a rented machine, or if you will be frequently doing the task, then you’ll probably be better off owning one yourself.

While these machines varies in power and handling, the basic concept by which these machines run are the same. When people think of steam cleaning, they think of steam coming off the carpet cleaner to clean the surface of the carpet. Actually, the steam has nothing to do with the cleaning process. The hot water that is used to spread the detergent about the carpet and the wet-vac that sucks up the moisture are the core principle of the carpet cleaners. The resultant steam that follows after the hot water has nothing to do whatsoever in the cleaning process.

Almost all carpet cleaner is a variation of the same basic concept. Water goes in the tank with detergent forming a potent solution that is applied on the carpet’s surface. It is then worked out by the cleaner agitator that is composed of varying brush pattern, each detachable nozzle having a distinct advantage over another depending on the surface. A vacuum is then used to suck up the water along with the  residue.

Some carpet cleaners have absorbent pads in them to extract the absorbent powder that is spread initially, however this type of approach has been shot down by carpet manufacturers as unsafe and voids warranty when used.

Professional carpet cleaners with Class A equipment have an edge over DIYs for many reasons. First, since they handle all manner of carpets day in and out, it would be unlikely for them to make mistake that occasional cleaners do, such as using too much detergent or not rinsing enough. Industrial carpet cleaning machines such as truck mounted carpet cleaning system used by Ablejan Carpet Cleaning Inc. have more features in them that can effectively clean carpets. They have more powerful suctioning that can extract more water leaving your carpet drier. With top of the line equipment and tools, detergent are pushed through your carpet with hot water tripling its effectiveness. Another advantage of professional carpet cleaner is the use of specialized formulations that doesn’t leave any soapy residue that can attract more dirt when dried.

However, getting your carpet professionally cleaned is more expensive than renting a carpet cleaner. Booking a professional carpet cleaning company can set you back for $99-$200 whereas you can rent a machine for as low as $20 a day. However, the quality of these rental machines varies considerably with some configured improperly by the previous renter and may cause detergent dumping, if you are a beginner, you might forego any reservations as you might think that’s something a carpet cleaner is supposed to do.

Purchasing one can solve this problem, assuming you read and take all the necessary precaution and can set you back for the price of just one professional cleaning, which is around $250 or you can rent around 10 times to the price of professional carpet cleaning. If you have indoor pets, children or your carpets get dirtied more often, it makes sense to rent or just buy one deep cleaning machine. However, the result might not be acceptable and the amount of work required can be intensive that can leave your back in ruins and affect your day to day activities.  There are a number of tips presented within the site that can take care of minor problems that you can do yourself without needing a rental machine.

Carpet manufacturers recommend professional cleaning to extend your carpet’s life. Depending on the traffic it gets, a good norm is between 6 to 12 months.

It is also good to note that if water isn’t extracted all the way to the last drop, then there is tendency for molds and mildew to accumulate. This can damage your carpet and you have no other recourse except to change the carpet flooring.

With all the caveat listed, and you still decide to proceed to clean on your own, either with a rented machine or buying one, there are a few tips we recommend that can make a whole lot of difference how the task will turn out. Don’t over use detergent and use only the recommended amount, this will not make your carpet cleaner, it will just make it harder to rinse and will make the carpet’s fiber sticky, attracting more dust and dirt after cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning usually use pre-treatment solutions to break down dirt and oily compounds, and you can also check out your local supermarket for such product, but you can also do with plain hot water especially if you still plan on professional cleaning once in a while.

Its also good to rent high velocity industrial fan to speed up drying, if it is still wet for more than 24 hours, there is an underlying risk of getting molds and mildew.

Stains are usually soil or dirt that has been attracted to the carpet fibers because of a sticky residue that has been spilled before. This can be handled quite easily with deep cleaning.

To prevent the stain from becoming permanent, time is of the element. Quick action can make a huge difference whether the stains will set in permanently or can be corrected. Refer to this  carpet cleaning tips for first aid measures.

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